Vacant Land

Vacant Land
Maui's vacant land parcels are like other aspects of real estate, flying of the shelves.  There are so many things to consider when you want to build your dream home.  Here are a couple of common questions and answers provided by the County of Maui.  More information regarding what, how, and where you can build can be found here: Maui County.

How can I find permit and other public documents?

The County of Maui Public Documents site is your one-stop search engine to view public documents. The most complete search can be done with a Tax Map Key (TMK) number.  For Planning Department documents, you may search the following information types:

  • Agricultural Declarations
  • Maps for changes in zoning, community plan amendments and state land use district boundary amendments
  • Miscellaneous Files
  • Parking Analysis
  • Permits, which include all permits that the Department process, including bed-and-breakfast homes and Special Management Area exemptions and permits.

I would like to know the zoning of my property.

The Maui Real Property Tax website includes the Island of Maui Zoning (2018) layer on parcel maps, with a color-coded legend indicating the zoning of the parcel.

For county zoning confirmation (and other designations such as State Districts, Maui Island Plan, Community Plan, and Flood Zones), submit a Zoning and Flood Confirmation Form to the Department of Planning. This form is available at the link below. You may fax the completed form to (808) 270-7634, e-mail to the Planning Department at Email, or mail or bring it to our office in the One Main Plaza Building, 2200 Main Street, Suite 315, Wailuku Hawaii 96793. The turnaround time is up to 20 business days.

Zoning and Flood Confirmation Form

How many dwellings are allowed on my parcel?

The number of dwellings allowed by zoning (which are different depending on each zoning district) are covered within Title 19 of the Maui County Code:

To look up the zoning of your parcel, go to the Maui Real Property Tax website and select the Island of Maui Zoning (2019) layer on parcel maps, and refer to the color-coded legend to see the zoning of the parcel.

Maui County Code Title 19

Can I build an ohana? If so, how many square feet can it be?

Dwellings often referred to as “ohana’s” are called “accessory dwellings” in the Maui County Code. Accessory dwellings are allowed in the zoning districts that specifically list accessory dwellings as a permitted use or as an accessory use:  Code of Ordinances  The development standards for accessory dwellings including the maximum number of square feet depend on the net area of the lot:

Development Standards for Accessory Dwellings

How many tiny homes are allowed?

For compliance with zoning regulations, tiny homes are treated like any other dwelling unit and follow the same rules for the zoning district. The Department of Public Works administers the building and residential codes, which may also apply, and the Department of Finance’s Division of Motor Vehicles and Licensing may require registration if the tiny home is on a trailer.

When do I need to sign a Farm Dwelling and Agriculture Structures Declaration?

The declaration is required if the building permit is for a farm dwelling, accessory agricultural structure, or private garage.  See the administrative rules for Chapter 19.30A, Agricultural District for more information.

Farm Dwelling & Ag Structures Declaration

What types of Agriculture Structures are allowed under the Declaration of Compliance HRS-46-88 Relating to Agriculture Structures?

Act 70 allows exemptions for agricultural buildings, structures, or appurtenances that are not in the Special Management Area (SMA) or flood hazard area. Dwelling units are excluded. For specific criteria, see HRS 46-88 or contact Development Services Administration at 270-7250 or

Declaration of Compliance with HRS 46-88

What is the Special Management Area (SMA)?

The Special Management Area (SMA) is an area designated by the County under the authority of Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) 205A, which can be accessed online at the following link. The purpose of the SMA is to establish controls on developments within an area along the shoreline to avoid permanent losses of valuable resources, and to ensure adequate access to public beaches. HRS Coastal Zone Management

Do I need a Special Management Area (SMA) permit? How do I obtain one?

If you are contemplating any construction or activity within the SMA, you are required to obtain SMA clearance. You can access the SMA Assessment application at the link below. If you have questions about permit requirements or in filling out an application, contact the Planning Department, Current Division, at (808) 270-8205.

What can I build in the shoreline area?

The Shoreline Rules for the Maui Planning Commission (12-203) limits structures and activities that are allowed in the shoreline to “minor” structures and activities”. Examples of minor structures include bird baths, benches and portable barbeques. A Shoreline Setback Assessment application is required to be submitted for any structure or activity proposed for the shoreline area. The Assessment application can be found on line at the following link.

Shoreline Setback Assessment Application

Zoning | 3018.86 Acre(s)
Zoning | 803.00 Acre(s)
Zoning | 8.43 Acre(s)