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06-01-2020: South Maui

How did the past 30 days fare?
Posted by Ken K K Wong on June 01, 2020 in  STATS
Hello World,COVID has definitely affected real estate here in South Maui but not as strongly as you might think.  New listings range in price between $318,000 and $9,800,000.  Many of the new listings are coming to market at pre-COVID pricing but a few are priced well and are under contract. 9 properties to be exact.  Of the 31 properties sold, one property was listed and closed in the past 30 days.  28 properties cancelled and 6 expired.  Based on the numbers, people still want to buy... read more
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04-24-2020 South Maui

By the numbers...
Posted by Ken K K Wong on April 24, 2020 in  STATS
Greetings to you all from day whatever of the COVID-19 quarantine.  I hope everyone is being safe, happy and kind to one another.  What have you been doing?  So far, I've completed my continuing education requirements, started the ePro class from NAR, picked up my guitar and am reading Who Moved My Cheese.  As for Maui County, the mayor will most likely extend the stay at home order till the end of May.  He'll let us know later today.  There is still a 14 day mandatory quarantine ... read more
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Quarantine Day 5

Bored yet?
Posted by Ken K K Wong on March 30, 2020 in  NEWS
Let's start off with some positive news.  A lady from Italy survived the corona virus.  That's great but what makes it awesome is that she also survived the Spanish Flu from the early 1900's.  Check out the story here: The Highlander.  I can only hope that her antibodies can help doctors find a weapon against this virus.In other news, Governor Ige implements an inter island travel quarantine: Wednesday April 1st.  With many of the cases in Hawaii being on the island of Oahu, I think this is... read more
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March 27th South Maui Stats

By the numbers...
Posted by Ken K K Wong on March 27, 2020 in  STATS
How about a real estate post for a change?  As the world deals with the COVID-19 virus, Maui's market is shifting. Here are the numbers for South Maui since the first of the month:New Listings: 110Price Reductions: 45Price Increases: 3Cancellations: 38Pending Continue to Show: 29 (1 listed in the last week 2 listed in the last 14 days)Pending Do Not Show: 11Sold: 74 (1 with a contract date in the last 14 days)Temporarily Off Market: 1I guess the safest thing to say about the market is that let the numbers spea... read more
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Make Lemonade
Posted by Ken K K Wong on March 22, 2020 in  NEWS
It seems like Mother Nature is mad and she has been giving human kind lemons lately.  We've had fires in Australia, volcanos in the Philippines, locusts in Africa and as you know the virus affecting every corner of the world.  If you have the ability and are healthy enough, please help each other out.  Take the aloha that many of you get to experience and share it back at home with your neighbors.  Because of the semi-lockdown, my wife decided to learned to make masks and with the help of her fr... read more
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