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South Maui Stats

March 22 to 29
Posted by Ken K K Wong on March 29, 2021 in  STATS
Maui real estate continues to be an attractive option for many people.  The beaches are almost at pre-COVID levels, it takes a little longer to make a left hand turn and some restaurants (Nick's Fishmarket) are busy as hell.Here's the breakdown of what happened in the last week in South Maui:23 New Listings ranging from $650K to $10.25M.  7 were homes listed between $732K to $6.895M, one rental at the Wailea Palms and the rest were condominiums listed between $350K to $10.25M.8 Properties decided to adjus... read more
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Maui Real Estate

Sales Since 10/15/2020
Posted by Ken K K Wong on November 18, 2020 in  STATS
COVID cases on the mainland are increasing every day. :-( The state of Hawaii has been experiencing an uptick in numbers too but Maui is still relatively low.  As of today Maui County has 432 cases since all of this started.  Hawaii opened up on October 15th which brings me to the following stats:Maui County Sales Statistics Since October 15, 2020Homes: 102 Sales for a total of $133,865,782Highest Sale: $15,400,000Lowest Sale: $240,000Average Sales Price: $1,312,404Median Sales Price: $852,500Days On Mark... read more
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South Maui Real Estate

August 2020
Posted by Ken K K Wong on August 31, 2020 in  Maui  STATS
Well, it's summer and Maui is still in the midst of a shutdown.  Hawaii as a whole has had triple digit positive cases for almost a month.  While Oahu has been in a work from home/stay home order since Thursday, us Mauians have been able to experience more "normal" thing such as going to the beach to swim or gather in small groups of five or less and practice social distancing.  How has that affected South Maui's real estate market?  Check this out...Total number of new listing for August: 127 p... read more
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06-01-2020: South Maui

How did the past 30 days fare?
Posted by Ken K K Wong on June 01, 2020 in  STATS
Hello World,COVID has definitely affected real estate here in South Maui but not as strongly as you might think.  New listings range in price between $318,000 and $9,800,000.  Many of the new listings are coming to market at pre-COVID pricing but a few are priced well and are under contract. 9 properties to be exact.  Of the 31 properties sold, one property was listed and closed in the past 30 days.  28 properties cancelled and 6 expired.  Based on the numbers, people still want to buy... read more
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04-24-2020 South Maui

By the numbers...
Posted by Ken K K Wong on April 24, 2020 in  STATS
Greetings to you all from day whatever of the COVID-19 quarantine.  I hope everyone is being safe, happy and kind to one another.  What have you been doing?  So far, I've completed my continuing education requirements, started the ePro class from NAR, picked up my guitar and am reading Who Moved My Cheese.  As for Maui County, the mayor will most likely extend the stay at home order till the end of May.  He'll let us know later today.  There is still a 14 day mandatory quarantine ... read more
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