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September 12 to September 26
Posted: September 26, 2021 by Ken K K Wong

Hey! Guess what?  The holidays are around the corner.  Every night my wife and I walk the neighborhood.  I see Christmas decorations... Yay?  At this time its only a few homes but I guaranty that those homes have occupants who have ties to the Philippines.  They really start celebrating early.  Christmas is generally happy times so why not?

South Maui's real estate market continues to reach record levels in terms of sales prices.  Whether it be in a neighborhood in North Kihei, condominiums in Central Kihei or those mega properties in Makena.  All of South Maui continues to be a desirable place to add to your portfolio.  Inventory is low, interest rates are still low and Maui is still Maui.

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