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September 5 to September 12
Posted: September 12, 2021 by Ken K K Wong

Good Morning, good afternoon, good evening to everyone reading this blog post from all across the time zones.  Let's get right to the good stuff.  South Maui's real estate market is still moving along on an incline while what seems to be at a little bit of a slower pace.  When you click the link below, you'll see several properties closed above their original list prices.  According to Dan Bardenhagen with Wells Fargo, mortgage rates are holding and are at around 3% or just below depending on the type of loan.  In terms of escrow, Agnes Faber with Ho'okele Title and Escrow said that she is busy but its not as hetic compared to a few months ago.  Take a look at South Maui's real estate market for the past week by clicking the link below:

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