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South Maui Statistics

August 22 to August 29
Posted: August 29, 2021 by Ken K K Wong

South Maui's real estate market continues to move along even as the State of Hawaii's COVID case skyrocket!  It seems like every week I see sales numbers for a specific condominium complex or a neighborhood and think OMG that's a record price.  This week it was a unit at Keonekai Villages.  A second floor unit sold for $560,000.  Please keep in mind I can remember when these units were selling for $225,000 or less.  Oh how times have changed.  I guess its like my parents generation who grew up listening to the radio, wired telephones and only four channel selections on the television.  Now its all three of those things in our pockets, electric cars and billionaires launching themselves into space.  That being said, here's the link to South Maui's real estate statistics for the week...

South Maui Real Estate Market Summary

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