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Traveling in the Islands
Posted: June 15, 2021 by Ken K K Wong

It's June 15th and travel requirements within the state have changed along with trans-Pacific travel.  If you are in the state of Hawaii and you wish to travel interisland, you will no longer have to provide proof of a pre-travel test, or vaccination.  This only applies to travel within the state of Hawaii.  If you are coming from the mainland, if you have been vaccinated in the state of Hawaii with at least one dose, you do not have to quarantine.  Key wording there is: vaccinated in the state of Hawaii.  By definition, fully vaccinated is after the 15th day after the final vaccine dose.  Evidence of vaccination must be uploaded to the Safe Travels website.

Currently, the state of Hawaii is at 55% of the population is vaccinated.  At 60% the state will allow for vaccinated, regardless of where the person has been vaccinated.  At 70%, all travel restrictions will be lifted.

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