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Pay to Play...
Posted: April 25, 2021 by Ken K K Wong

I took a little drive down to Makena yesterday and there were so many cars parked along the road.  Reason?  Makena, Iao Valley and Wainapanapa now require visitors to pay an entrance/parking fee.  This applies to only non residents of Hawaii.  For example if you wanted to go to Makena and are a visitor, there would be a parking fee for the car ($10) and a fee for each of the persons ($5) visiting the beach.  Payment is being accepted via kiosks.  

Maui County has to make money some how.  Because of the pandemic, our main source of income tourism slowed to a trickle of visitors to almost back to normal numbers recently.  I would think that the state has to recover revenue somehow and not burden the local population.  Parking fees are just the first step.  I can guaranty that taxes will go up.  Property taxes, conveyance taxes, HARPTA percentages, etc..  Visitors will pay for the recovery of the State of Hawaii.

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