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COVID Update

April 7, 2021
Posted by Ken K K Wong on April 07, 2021 in  COVID-19
Mayor Victorino asks the governor to have trans pacific travelers coming to Maui a mandatory second test after arriving to the valley isle.  Governor Ige approves.  In short, a pre-test is mandatory and must be taken within 72 hours of your final destination prior to coming to Hawaii.  A second test to be paid by the County of Maui will be administered upon arrival.  If you don't have proof of a negative test, quarantine rules apply.  To view the full article from Maui Now click the followi... read more
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What's with 19?

South Maui Luxury
Posted by Ken K K Wong on April 05, 2021 in  NEWS
Many people thought that the real estate prices would drop due to COVID.  That's just not true.  In most cases, sought after properties are under contract within hours or a few days.  I've met several owners who are working from home and from Silicon Valley.  They sold their properties in the Bay Area and came to Maui and still have money to spare.  Our little island out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is becoming a haven since our COVID numbers are so low compared to the mainland. ... read more
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South Maui Stats

March 22 to 29
Posted by Ken K K Wong on March 29, 2021 in  STATS
Maui real estate continues to be an attractive option for many people.  The beaches are almost at pre-COVID levels, it takes a little longer to make a left hand turn and some restaurants (Nick's Fishmarket) are busy as hell.Here's the breakdown of what happened in the last week in South Maui:23 New Listings ranging from $650K to $10.25M.  7 were homes listed between $732K to $6.895M, one rental at the Wailea Palms and the rest were condominiums listed between $350K to $10.25M.8 Properties decided to adjus... read more
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Maui Real Estate

Sales Since 10/15/2020
Posted by Ken K K Wong on November 18, 2020 in  STATS
COVID cases on the mainland are increasing every day. :-( The state of Hawaii has been experiencing an uptick in numbers too but Maui is still relatively low.  As of today Maui County has 432 cases since all of this started.  Hawaii opened up on October 15th which brings me to the following stats:Maui County Sales Statistics Since October 15, 2020Homes: 102 Sales for a total of $133,865,782Highest Sale: $15,400,000Lowest Sale: $240,000Average Sales Price: $1,312,404Median Sales Price: $852,500Days On Mark... read more
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October 15th

Pre-Testing COVID
Posted by Ken K K Wong on September 17, 2020 in  NEWS

Traveling to Hawaii will not be the same for quite some time.  The new norm is getting tested 72 hours for COVID prior to getting on a plane.  This may cause some confusion as the abilities to test or the testing itself have varied time frames.  The graphic in this little blog should explain things a little better.  Be safe, be happy and welcome back to Maui.

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